Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The World Spins Madly On

So a whiiiiile ago this song that I just love popped up on my Pandora (which I also just love): "The World Spins Madly On" by The Weepies. Such a beautiful, beautiful song. This video that Ryan Woodward (BYU Animation made is also beautiful! (He's a BYU Animation professor). If only I could dance like a sketched doubt that would be a sight to see. Ha. We had a conversation about pencil vs. pen in my cinema class group oral final (cool idea, huh? Don't worry we had to write too!). It was all figurative, of course. I'm glad that we get to write our lives in pencil because you never know when you might need to erase, go back, and change a couple of things. Not that writing with a pen stops me from crossing out and adding things all over the place (sure my teachers love that!). Anyway, I was thinking that maybe progression is like a sketch...there'll always be something you can add to it, but people are going to love it (assuming you're a good sketch artist!) at several stages along the way. Adding shading and dimension to the sketch gives it depth that makes it interesting and beautiful, but who says it wasn't beautiful to begin with? I think we all become more beautiful with time as we grow, learn from occasional mistakes, mature, and try to put all the pieces together. Is that why elderly people are so darn cute? Maybe so. I'd like to be one of the cute ones someday, so I should start practicing!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Getting to Zen...Someday, that is...

So this semester I'm auditing a stress management class, which is great. Really. 99% of the people in the class are Exercise & Wellness majors, but I'm with the 1% (that's right!) that is just taking the class for fun, using the term loosely. More like for present/future sanity and overall peace. Anyone who knows me knows I haven't exactly achieved a "zen" state of being, but a loooot of that has to do with school. It's one of those things you can't escape from!

For my class, we're supposed to complete a "time audit" of everything we do in one day. Since I'm auditing the class, I don't technically need to do it, but it seems like something that would be beneficial. Wanna see what a typical day of a college student is like?

Wake up, prep, drive to school
9:30 International business class
11:00 drive to pharmacy, then back home
Gobble down lunch, walk to school
12:00 Cinema class (3 hours!!!)
       -work on assignment for business group project during class
       -why do I play on the weekends??
3:00   study, study, study for big terms test
4:00 terms test in Holocaust class
5:00 finish assignment (kind of) for business group project
5:30 meet business group and discuss project. finish assignment for real.
7:00 walk back home. gobble down dinner.
7:30 FHE! (first time in weeks b/c of business projects, test, etc.!)
8:30 Drop in on friend's FHE to frost sugar cookies
9:30 back home. Read chapter for history class next day
11:00 fall asleep on the couch, eventually make it back to bed.

So needless to say, am I going to miss the overall consuming nature of school? Not a bit!! But I am certainly going to miss having "aha" moments when studying things like the changing values and morality of Europe in the post-WWII era, like today. I love my major, even though sometimes I feel like I'm throwing myself at book upon book upon book. And I thought I wasn't reading enough. Psh. Annual reading is in the can in just a few months if you actually end up reading everything your history professors assign!!!

Obviously, a girl like me could definitely benefit from a little perspective, juggling techniques, and maybe taking a breather every once in a while. The song below, "Hazy" by Rosi Golan, has just popped up on my Pandora as I've been writing this post. It's a perfect song to slow down, take it easy, and just feel centered. No wonder I tend to drift towards "chill" music. Opposites attract, right?? So they say, so they say.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Welcome :)

So I'm guessing if you're reading this, you're somewhat interested in knowing what's going on in my life right now. Here's the long and short of it: graduating in less than two months (woohoo!), post-grad plans in the works, and....pretty much on the threshold of this thing we call "real life." Speaking of life, I lifted the title of this blog from a quote in a book that I just love. It just seemed to fit nicely.

"Life is like some crazy machine that is always going either too slow or too fast. From the cradle to the grave we alternate between the Sargasso Sea and the rapids, forever either becalmed or stormtossed. It seemed to Maud, as she looked across the dinner-table in order to make sure for the twentieth time that it really was George Bevan who sat opposite her, that, after months in which nothing whatever had happened, she was now living through a period when everything was happening at once. Life, from being a broken-down machine, had suddenly begun to race."
-From A Damsel in Distress by P.G. Wodehouse

Bored yet? Now's your chance to bail. Now to the nitty gritty.

Why did I decide to start a blog again? Well, it seemed logical. This is basically Phase 3 of my life in blogs. Study abroad, mission, now alllllmost post-college. You know how some things seem like they go on forever but fly by fast too? Try the last semester of school. I have to say though, this is the semester when I have realized the true reason behind why I love my major, European Studies. Sure, it might seem random to many and be unknown to most, but I feel like it has not only helped me to appreciate Europe's culture and history, but also gain a desire to learn about other areas as well. I've gotten to take classes in language, art history, humanities, anthropology, international business, political science, and history. Now, while I'm not an amazing linguist, art historian, businesswoman, or political scientist, I admire people who are and aspire to  learn from them.

 I guess that's what it's about. Learning to love to learn. [Are you still with me?] Okay, so it can be a pain to write papers and stay on top of studying, but you know that feeling when you've learned something that blows your mind, or your neighbor's mind, or makes you connect the dots between two ideas, or makes you incredibly interested in a certain area? My appetite for knowledge is not really at this level most of the time, but all my studies have encouraged me to push myself to analyze concepts at a deeper level. It's not my strong point, but I believe that that is the best way we learn, through challenging ourselves. That's something to remember post-graduation, eh? Anyway, there you have it. My justification for getting a college degree in a liberal arts major. No worries...a business minor seems to help balance my resume with a bit of societal levelheadedness.

Just walking a path brand-new to me but worn down by so, so many others. It's one of those things everyone does. But it doesn't make it any less intimidating!