Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Getting to Zen...Someday, that is...

So this semester I'm auditing a stress management class, which is great. Really. 99% of the people in the class are Exercise & Wellness majors, but I'm with the 1% (that's right!) that is just taking the class for fun, using the term loosely. More like for present/future sanity and overall peace. Anyone who knows me knows I haven't exactly achieved a "zen" state of being, but a loooot of that has to do with school. It's one of those things you can't escape from!

For my class, we're supposed to complete a "time audit" of everything we do in one day. Since I'm auditing the class, I don't technically need to do it, but it seems like something that would be beneficial. Wanna see what a typical day of a college student is like?

Wake up, prep, drive to school
9:30 International business class
11:00 drive to pharmacy, then back home
Gobble down lunch, walk to school
12:00 Cinema class (3 hours!!!)
       -work on assignment for business group project during class
       -why do I play on the weekends??
3:00   study, study, study for big terms test
4:00 terms test in Holocaust class
5:00 finish assignment (kind of) for business group project
5:30 meet business group and discuss project. finish assignment for real.
7:00 walk back home. gobble down dinner.
7:30 FHE! (first time in weeks b/c of business projects, test, etc.!)
8:30 Drop in on friend's FHE to frost sugar cookies
9:30 back home. Read chapter for history class next day
11:00 fall asleep on the couch, eventually make it back to bed.

So needless to say, am I going to miss the overall consuming nature of school? Not a bit!! But I am certainly going to miss having "aha" moments when studying things like the changing values and morality of Europe in the post-WWII era, like today. I love my major, even though sometimes I feel like I'm throwing myself at book upon book upon book. And I thought I wasn't reading enough. Psh. Annual reading is in the can in just a few months if you actually end up reading everything your history professors assign!!!

Obviously, a girl like me could definitely benefit from a little perspective, juggling techniques, and maybe taking a breather every once in a while. The song below, "Hazy" by Rosi Golan, has just popped up on my Pandora as I've been writing this post. It's a perfect song to slow down, take it easy, and just feel centered. No wonder I tend to drift towards "chill" music. Opposites attract, right?? So they say, so they say.

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